Ranger Cup – 2021

Qualifying Events:

  • (3) Qualifying Events
  • (1) Championship

Qualifying Guidelines:

  • Must be the owner of a 2018*or newer Ranger Boat.
  • Must fish from that boat at all qualifying tournaments.
  • Must be signed-up for the Ranger Cup program before qualifying for Ranger Cup contingencies.
  • Must meet clothing requirements. Visit http://www.rangerboats.com/staticPages/rcupclothing.cfm for complete clothing guidelines
  • Must display Ranger Cup decal on driver’s windshield/console of boat.
  • *If an angler has an issue with their qualifying boat, they can get approval to use a different Ranger boat prior to the tournament.  They will need to contact the TXTT tournament director prior to the start of tournament to get approval

Additional Guidelines:

  • Registration is not retroactive and will only count for tournaments after official registration form is received.
  • Upon receipt of a Ranger Cup registration, Ranger will send a Ranger Cup card to the registered participant. Please take the card to all Ranger Cup qualified events as proof of registration into the Ranger Cup program.

Pay Out
Visit our payout section for complete listing of Ranger Cup payout for each event.