Nichols Marine – 2020

Qualifying Events:
• Four (4) Qualifying Events
• One (1) Championship

Qualifying Guidelines:
• Must have purchased a 2019 or newer Triton or Ranger from Nichols Marine.
• Must be the original owner of the boat and must meet all Ranger Cup and Triton Gold requirements. 
• Must fish from that Triton or Ranger Boat at all qualifying tournaments.
• Only anglers finishing in top 5 places in each event will be eligible for payout.
• Only one payout per event.

Pay Out:
• If the winner of a TXTT event meets the above qualifying guidelines and is original owner of the boat they will be eligible for a $1,500 payout from Nichols Marine.
• The highest placing anglers finishing in 2nd-5th of a TXTT event who meets the above qualifying guidelines, would be eligible for a $500 payout from Nichols Marine if the event the winner is not qualified.

*If you buy a new 2019 or 2020 Ranger or Triton fiberglass boat from Nichols Marine before 6/1/2020. Nichols Marine will pay the buyers membership fee and entry fees into all remaining TXTT tournaments for the 2020 season to include the championship.