Mercury Marine – 2021

Qualifying Events:

  • (3) Qualifying Events
  • (1) Championship

Qualifying Guidelines:

  • Must be the owner of a 2019 or newer Mercury Marine engine 115HP or higher.
  • Must fish from a Mercury powered boat at all qualifying tournaments. 
  • Mercury Racing and MerCruiser engines are excluded from this bonus regardless of hp.
  • Mercury has final say on approvals for all contingency payouts.
  • Mercury owners must the registered owner. It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure the engine is registered with Mercury in his/her name prior to using is in competition.  Non-registered engines are not eligible.  Warrant registration line is 920-929-5054.
  • If you do not receive an upgraded boat, from being a part of those boat programs, 1st place will receive $1,000.

*Also, please double check the boat and engine registration separately; the registration process may differ according to the boat and engine.

Pay Out:
Visit our payout section for complete listing of Mercury payout for each event.